Most Amazing Chocolate Lava Cake Ever

6 oz semi-sweet baking chocolate (or your favorite 70% dark chocolate bar)
6 oz. butter (diced, room temperature)
3 eggs
1/2 c granulated sugar
1/3 c flour
butter for ramekins

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt chocolate on low flame on a double broiler. When melted, remove from heat. Stir diced butter into chocolate until it melts.
In another bowl, heat eggs and sugar until it starts to whiten.
Stir in melted chocolate, and then the flour.
Butter 4 individual ramekins, and pour in chocolate batter.
Cook for about 10 minutes, but every oven is different. Overcooking will mean you have regular chocolate cake with no lava.
It should “jiggle” in the center, but be cooked around the edges.
Tip ramekins upside down onto plates and serve. Coffee ice cream is the best partner with this!

You can definitely prepare your chocolate lava cake recipe ahead of time, and then bake 10 minutes before serving. And in terms of buttering the ramekins, butter the bottom first, and then butter the sides, wiping from the bottom up to the top. It helps the chocolate to rise even more.

These are deliciously decadent. From Kelly Bunster.


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